The Vacuum and the Bridge, The World of Ideas and the World of Action

In 2009, Dr. John J. Mulhern addressed his Politics students at the University of Pennsylvania Fels Institute of Government and said proudly: “We are different from the other schools because we graduate students who do things, and not those who just talk about them”.

There is that vacuum that calls us to come visit, or stay. In the world of today, an ocean of information and an abundance of possibilities surround us from every corner. A billion possibilities for action abound everywhere. But suturing the two is an immediate emergency for any real good action to take place. For instance, the distance between death from heart failure and healing is that vacuum in between, that which transmits the information from the scene of attack to the emergency response team quarters and from the medical community to the legal community to take action. When information is received that an accident has occurred and the dispatcher has identified the location of the incident, three Departments, independent of one other, rush to the scene of the incident: The Ambulance personnel do their job, the Police Department Officers do their job, and the Firefighters do their job, so that the cycle comes full circle in a mode of effective cooperation and with a strong belief in the merit of the work that is being done for the safety and the dignity of the community and everyone involved. This vacuum, when deactivated or under-activated, causes the people  to drown into either total indifference towards those who have been lost or harmed or a deep abyss of rumor, theory and conjecture. It leads us astray and to conspire unknowingly with the perpetrators. It allows many to evade justice with disgusting impunity. Every process enters into a hibernation mode and evidence is lost. This vacuum, or world of inaction,  is the source of a million injustices around us. When a poor soul is aggressed, hopeless as she or he may be, she/he is at the mercy not so much of the aggressor, but more so at that of the vacuum activation mode. When information is produced in a trustworthy manner, the world has a thousand reasons to rejoice, for injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Thus, the work of the dispatcher who first receives the information of an attack that is going to occur, has occurred, or is occurring, the immediate deployment of three independent entities working at the scene of the incident, and the production of three separate and independent incident reports is the first major step towards suturing the two worlds of information and action in the medical-legal realm. Availability of information without translating it into action for public health or at least converting it into a plan of future action is in itself a monstrous boomeranging state of inaction with dire consequences and disastrous repercussions in the long and medium run.

Accordingly, there exists in the educational world around us a wealth of young and not so young potential, self-propelled by their own curious nature into the amazing world of discovery, exploration, science, and Research. But the vacuum between their beautiful world of novel and creative ideas and their tantalizing dreams of action get in their promising way. The vacuum is certainly that shady territory blocking life-blood from the arteries and oxygen from the brain, and wreaking havoc on vital organs, and on every beautiful blessing that humans are endowed with to seek life, liberty, and happiness. That vacuum is that space where information is released or in numerous cases blocked, so that no emergency response work is effected to save lives, seek justice in a science-based approach, promote scientific discovery, and encourage creativity and innovation.

That vacuum is where issues of life and death are decided, justice or injustice is determined, poverty or wealth is allocated, and safety and security of communities or lack thereof are determined.

The distance between the world of ideas and that of action is enormously long when the vacuum is not filled, when infrastructure is not built or developed, when there is no integration between the various parties concerned to work together to fix the problems at hand. When a young man is reported to have passed away somewhere only four days later after the fact, with no dispatcher info, no investigation, no medical ambulance report, and no fire-fighters report available, that is surely an abhorrent indication that the death is most suspicious to say the least. The vacuum in this case and in many cases like it, whether it is willfully or negligently created, is a despicable quagmire of ill-intent towards an individual, a community, the community, or part of it.

Bad guys like unfilled vacuums, like zombies in drug-infested zones. They flourish therein. But when this vacuum is addressed, light is shed on the numerous players that make us safe and our community healthy and secure. There will be made available an effective infrastructure of independent educational institutions, law-enforcement entities, public health centers, and NGOs that join together and collaborate in good will to fill the vacuum with scientific research, discovery, and lawful investigation to detect the vacuum, unravel its network, disclose the links and the linkages, and clean up the mire.

Likewise, the vacuum is to be filled in by a spirit of enforced responsibility towards all, so that the ideas of our students in schools, colleges, and universities, be it here domestically or in foreign lands, are allowed to thrive and flourish, by putting in place a mechanism to identify talent instead of choking it, by means of setting up separate and independent entities, made of the different races and backgrounds, who expose deserving ideas, and put them on a path towards recognition and achievement.

There is no doubt the underworld is lucrative business for many. But, no business is more lucrative than the rule of law. No business is more lucrative than an education geared towards inquisitive attainment  and scientific discovery. And since science exposes the vacuum and organizes it, there is no better friend to help us navigate in the directions of the truth than informed action. It talks directly to us about the open spaces, tells us how many galaxies and stars live therein, shows you the distance between the one and the other, DNAs the subjects, and tells us from a chopper above the thick woods if there is a threat lurking behind the trees.

The distance between the world of ideas and actions is certainly short when major tools of bridging them are leveraged, but not to the blocking filibusterers who ravish traditional means of self-enrichment in shady vacuums. The shortcut involves not only the goodwill and motivation to fill in the vacuum, but most certainly the technologically-driven hands-on identification of a promising idea, its introduction to an incubator, mentoring its development, maturing it, and converting it into action. A filled-in vacuum is a space for action where communication flows easily and involves the active participation of all the parties concerned and society at large. Filling up the vacuum with practical information channeled through a network of well-defined independent canals that empower the information and dispatch it to some kind of a fusion center where the data is looked at in real time by a roster of experts representing private-public partnerships to determine the urgency of action before damage is done. If the world means well to invest in the rule of law and commerce, then digging deeper into the vacuum between the world of the idea and that of action is an absolute imperative for a better world tomorrow. Certainly, there is a lot of power in the vacuum, and most likely there will be every resistance possible to investigating it and removing from it the deformities that prevent diagnosis and remedial work to take hold. The world of social peace and the rule of law requires that the whole arsenal of our schools, public and private, Non-governmental organizations, law-enforcement agencies, the private sector, and the general community become aware of and active in the vacuum between the world of ideas and the world of action, a quagmire of all unhealthy growths best described as a space where life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are despised with the utmost hostility, where probing is blocked, enforcement is throttled, truth is vanished, skill is choked, the spirit of creativity and innovation is suffocated, economic prosperity for the vulnerable is severed, public health is diminished, and justice is disabled.

Thereupon, it is clearly stated in here that Telescope Hubble, for example, opened our eyes to a world I dare say was completely unheard of before. It was dark out there in outer space, too dark that big and entrancing bodies as full and promising as the galaxies were in-existent in our little big brains. But science filled in the vacuum and human ingenuity created Telescope Hubble. I see it launched way up in the universe shedding light upon the remotest corners of the cosmos, reporting to our eyes the immensity of space and possibilities in here and out there. So there is a myriad capabilities of social and economic development waiting to be unleashed, thanks to the idea and the action to fill in the vacuum that blocks scientific exploration and prevents it from exposing the truth, with the promise of actionable scientific research and development and bridging the hostile territory between the good ideas that are being produced on a daily basis in different sources, including of course educational institutions, and the actions that bring that labor to fruition to benefit justice, the rule of law, social and economic peace, and a well-being for the community at large.

Filling the vacuum with planning, which pertains to the realm of idea production, and action, which activates the mechanisms of scientific enterprise and concludes with a palpable and honest verdict, will surely guaranty that justice is attained, skill is identified and empowered, and ideas are fecundated for the world to progress on from the promising stages of seeds and buds to the rewarding and actionable accomplishment of full-blown products of creativity and innovation in the realms of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, the arts, and so on. This has been a short plea by LCC Institute to create a bridge between the world of ideas and the world of actions for a future that learns and acts accordingly.

LCC Institute

8/28/2013 through 8/29/2013