Cultural Study Programs & Global Perspectives

Language and Culture Institute will soon launch a Cultural Studies program for students and all parties interested who are eager to learn about the importance of adopting a cultural perspective when dealing with their personal and professional pursuits. In the world of today, cross-cultural communication can take one far into succeeding in the business realm. When one is equipped with a global perspective, she/he has a far better chance to land a job or develop a career than someone who is too narrow and local in their approaches to education and the job market.

In this cultural study program, the student will study what it takes to be well-equipped to succeed in a global market place, the theory of relativity when dealing with thoughts and ideas, the treatment of thoughts and ideas as business ideas and as commodities, and their place in the job market.

Students will also study the importance of languages and cultures, and approach their various cultural content from a number of perspectives and especially from the job market prism.