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Language Classy

Language is a transport vehicle. In the world of today, a global business or business person can not get much done without two or three practical vehicles. The practical vehicles in today’s world are some languages. Like a Driving School that teaches you to drive to get somewhere, Language and Culture Institute will teach you how to speak somewhere. Language and Culture Institute has the assets of native and native-like speakers of foreign languages. Come for an immersion. Drive like a fast language. Talk like a fast car, and have a blast.

Cultural Study Programs & Global Perspectives

Language and Culture Institute will soon launch a Cultural Studies program for students and all parties interested who are eager to learn about the importance of adopting a cultural perspective when dealing with their personal and professional pursuits. In the world of today, cross-cultural communication can take one far into succeeding in the business realm. When one is equipped with a global perspective, she/he has a far better chance to land a job or develop a career than someone who is too narrow and local in their approaches to education and the job market.

The English Language and Professional Mobility

In the course of the last 16 years in America, I have met hundreds of immigrants, new and old, who came to the USA with high levels of learning, higher education diplomas, and optimistic aspirations. However, for lack of English language knowledge, they have found it extremely hard to enjoy the professional and personal mobility the US economic, political, and social climate provides. In fact, I meet folks who hold Doctorates but remain stuck in low-paying jobs, mostly as dish-washers in restaurants and cab-drivers.