American Writers of North Africa: Paul Bowles

What can we learn from the life of the American writer Paul Bowles (1910-1999, who loved Tangier International Zone,  Morocco, or in French north Africa as it was called. He settled in this city in the North of Morocco in1947 and passed away in the same city in 1999 after 52 years of a special connection to the city. He was from an educated New York middle-class and has a special talent for music and writing. He studied at the university of Virginia. His life in Tangier represents that of american immigrants in the city. Paul Bowles is a lens through which we can observe see enthralling North Africa. He wrote many books there including:

1-The Sheltering Sky.

2- Too Far From Home.

3- Up Above the World.

4-The Spider’s House

5-Let it Come Down.

In addition to dozens of short stories. Most importantly, Paul Bowles provides a deep insight into North Africa thanks to the riches of his translations of local music and literatures of numerous local writers.