The American Language School?

The English school is a space, unlike any other common place. It is a moving train with many a wagon. Each wagon is a state, free and loose. And so, you as a learner by natural predisposition, are free to transition from one wagon into another. In each wagon, there are a few different faces, and each face is flourishing, no doubt. Each wagon has embarked on a healthy competition to be more creative and more productive. And so, each passenger has herself, or himself, embarked on a healthy competition to be more creative and more productive.

In the English school, one learns that the world to come will be different, necessarily. And so, immeasurable passion for that new world develops in you.  Now, you want to be part of the march forward, not the defeat backwards, the health ahead, not the disease aback. Then, you set out to acquire the tools to be part of the new world, that will be.

In the English school, you learn the language that masterminds speak, out of necessity. Without it, their breakthroughs would not have shone a light to make our life a little less backward. And so, it happens that many a good soul did not like the English language, but their scientific achievements would not have become known around the entire world had they not published about them in the English language on the Internet. In fact, realizing that they may miss the chance to be part of a whole new world, that will certainly come, even the most backward of folks in government and outside of it around the non-English-speaking world are attempting to say “hello”, “how are you?”, “I am fine. Thanks!”.

In the English school, you learn to be yourself. Nothing is put in your mouth. Rather, words are thrown around in the air, with a smile, for you to fashion them at your pace, at your leisure, and at your wish. But not only that, language becomes your tool, devoid of almost any forced content, since content is not our business. The English school is a modern space, that is constantly trying to modernize, through a commitment to empty some space on our hard drives and our shelves of material that fosters stagnation in our ponds and pathogens that ruin our ecosystem.

In the English school, you learn to speak your mind, Like a Galileo, with no Papal trials. Instead, you draw pictures of creation and creativity, of life and divinity, of love and peace, but of freedom, essentially. And so you say: “earth is round”, and we applaud!

In the English school, you are never given a prescription as to how to be. Instead, you are given the tools, through language, to look at the world around you with a critical mind, and then to choose who you want to be.

So, as your train continues to cleave its way through towards a new  world no doubt coming, each wagon of the English school is offering you a multitude of means, each like a state of being. Each excels at many a thing. But they all excel at being a free space for learning, for creativity, for genius, and for self-actualization.

Lcc Staff,

Jan 27th, 2015.