The 7 Principles of Consecutive Interpreting:

 The 7 Principles of Consecutive Interpreting:

Note-taking in Consecutive Interpreting by Jean Francois Rozan

1-    Noting the Idea Rather than the Word.

2-    The Rules of Abbreviation:

a-     Abbreviation of Words,

b-    Indicating Tense and Gender,

c-     Abbreviating the Register,

3-    Links.

4-     Negation and Emphasis:

a-     Negation,

b-    Emphasis,

5-    Verticality:

a-     Stacking,

b-    Using Brackets,

6-    Shift.


The Twenty Symbols:


A-    The Symbols of Expression (4 symbols)

B-    The symbols of Motion (3 symbols)

C-    The symbols of Correspondence (6 symbols)

D-    The Symbols for Things.