Cultures Dot Not Clash, Unless…..

The Case for Good International Visitors Leadership Program Interpreters:

In the international arena, cultures meet, and in the process they either integrate, fuse, or clash. But clashing is not really inevitable in cultural encounters. In fact, cultures integrate  one another through processes of transfer and even interference. Cultures clash when the engines that drive them are clash-oriented. Folks who have an interest in clash will make every effort, through the power of money and media, to make the citizenry believe that cultures are averse to one another. However, when one looks at the real merit of cultures, one will find them to be so akin and so close to one another in more ways than one would even imagine. I have been in dozens of cultural encounters, and surely bear witness to their magic. I have believed in them and in their power to construct and create new cultural products. I have seen them happening in front of my eyes and connecting things thought to be incapable of incorporation. I have seen coffee mix with milk in ways more than amazing. I have seen love confirmed and strengthened among folks who have been told they can never love one another. I have seen many a conservative and many a liberal find all of a sudden that they agree much more than they differ. And I so certainly have found old enemies in peace with one another and in each other’s arms. I have found them more qualified to assuage one another’s concerns and worries through a short and long awaited encounter. Indeed, I have found visitors from across the world confirm how similar folks from regions far and near are when they are given a chance to experience the other, through a first-hand and direct encounter rather than through the divisive means of mass-control and phobia.

In the meantime, I am as well deeply convinced, and troubled certainly, that if cultural affairs are left to those whose sole strength is divisiveness and fishing in troubled waters, those responsible for education in cultural affairs will seek not the bright ones who are adept at building  bridges of communication and peace, but rather only fools like them who freeze out the good folks among minorities who have merit to be leaders in cultural interpretation and peace-building.


Thank you.